Tennille to Focus on Implementation of Plans for Downtown and City Park

Tennille City Council approved a proposal from Field Study South, Inc. to create concepts for downtown Tennille and the City Park at their Monday, February 15 meeting.

Tennille Mayor Eartha Cummings discussed the proposal, explaining that the City has had conversations about outdoor dining; she spoke with Mary Charles Howard of Field Study South about the City’s vision for downtown.

“We talked about things with downtown so stuff wouldn’t be placed just anywhere,” said Mayor Cummings, adding that they also discussed the City Park, noting that they’ve had drainage issues in that area.

During the Council meeting, Mayor Cummings noted that Archway has done numerous projects in the past for the City of Tennille from streetscapes to drainage plans for the Park.

“We were looking at how we’re able to implement these plans,” said Mayor Cummings.

With the proposal from Field Study South, the plans from Archway can be implemented in stages. Mary Charles Howard has contacted Archway Professional Conni Burley for the digital files of projects that Archway has completed in the past for the City of Tennille.

“It’ll be broken down into manageable pieces,” said Mayor Cummings, adding that these projects can be included in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. “As we’re accomplishing these different things, it will be checked off, which gives us advantages with grants and also gives us a plan of action so we know what we’re doing.”

One example that Mayor Cummings discussed was outdoor dining. Mary Charles Howard will look at different areas to place seating, as well as ways to enhance parking in the downtown area.

“She will be able to show us how to utilize our downtown area for outdoor seating and those types of things,” said Mayor Cummings.

After discussing the proposal, Councilperson Keith Lindsey moved to accept the proposal from Field Study South in the amount of $2,400; Councilperson Rhonda Lemons seconded, and the vote carried unanimously.