Unofficial Election Results for Washington County

Local leadership on the Board of Education, Board of Commissioners, and Sandersville City Council was voted on by Washington County citizens on Tuesday, May 24.

The following are the unofficial results of the General Primary Election in Washington County.

Washington County Board of Education

* Chairperson: Robert Blocker, Jr. (1,537 votes or 62.2 percent) defeated District One Incumbent Randy Mayberry (935 votes or 37.8 percent).

* District One: Dr. Alan Gray (465 votes or 64.6 percent) defeated Thomas “Tadpole” Pulliam (255 votes or 35.4 percent).

* District Two: Kristi Jenkins (355 votes or 42.5 percent) will face John “Zack” Webb (251 votes or 30 percent) in a runoff election. Shanika Wilcher received 230 votes or 27.5 percent.

* District Three: Leigh Jordan was unopposed.

* District Four: Melvin Williams (500 votes or 72.8 percent) defeated Mary Y. Hodges (105 votes or 15.3 percent) and Nathan C. Hodges (82 votes or 11.9 percent)

Washington County Board of Commissioners

* Chairperson: Incumbent Horace Daniel was unopposed.

* District One: Incumbent Doug Watkins was unopposed.

* District Two: Incumbent Edward Burten, Jr. (294 votes or 35.2 percent) will face Bobby Jackson (274 votes or 32.9 percent) in a runoff election. Christian Cobb received 266 votes or 31.9 percent. 

* District Three: Incumbent James Hitchcock was unopposed.

* District Four: Incumbent Frank “Bossman” Simmons, Jr. was unopposed.

Sandersville City Council District 4

* Emory “Ben” Salter (155 votes or 58 percent) defeated Tammy Wilcher Stevens (112 votes or 42 percent).

These election results are unofficial and incomplete until reviewed by the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State.