Valerie Brown Elected as Mayor of Davisboro


Valerie Gail Brown has been elected as the new Mayor of the City of Davisboro.

An election was held on Tuesday, December 5 to name a new Davisboro Mayor in a runoff from the November 7 Municipal General Election.

Brown defeated Randy McNeely by receiving 66 percent of the votes cast.

McNeely received 51 total votes. Valerie Brown amassed 98 votes – winning 64 percent of Election Day voting (82 to 47), 75 percent of in-person early voting (3 to 1), and 81 percent of mail-in voting (13 to 3).

Incumbent Davisboro Mayor Sandra Braswell was not included in the runoff election after receiving the fewest amount of votes last month.

City of Davisboro Council members Keith Braswell, Nikki Carswell, and Larry Ivey were re-elected to the City Council in November. Essie Moye was elected as the fourth Councilperson.

In the original election, only four votes separated McNeely, who garnered 67 votes, and Brown, who collected 63 votes. 57 percent of the 298 registered Davisboro voters took part in the November polling.

In the Municipal General Runoff, 50 percent of Davisboro voters cast ballots with 129 of the 149 being on Election Day. 4 votes were made during In-Person Early Voting. 16 were received by mail.

All information is considered unofficial until further reviewed by the Office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.