WACO Sheriff’s Office Provides Holiday At-Home Crime Prevention Tips


In the midst of the ‘Countdown to Christmas,’ the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is providing the public with information on how to deter theft and potential break-ins.

“As your Sheriff, it is an honor to serve and protect this wonderful community,” said Washington County Sheriff Joel Cochran. “I am grateful for your trust in our law enforcement team.”

The Sheriff’s Office is supplying citizens with the following holiday at-home crime prevention tips:

1.) Do not place your Christmas tree in front of a window. Criminals will believe that gifts are placed under the tree and see the opportunity for a quick ‘smash-and-grab.’

2.) Do not leave large boxes out on garbage day. Big ticket item packaging such as television boxes attract thieves. Cut up packages to place inside of garbage cans and ensure labels are not visible.

3.) Leave a light or television on when no one is home. Create the illusion that someone is inside of the house to deter potential thieves.

4.) Install a security system. Modem day criminals flee from doorbell cameras and motion activated sensors.

5.) Lock windows and doors of all buildings and vehicles. As always, but especially during the holidays, remember that a quick ‘lock check’ can save your valuables.

“In our close-knit community, let us cherish the bonds that unite us and celebrate the traditions that make this time of year unique,” said Sheriff Cochran. “May the spirit of Christmas fill your hearts with love, peace, and goodwill.”