Washington County Sheriff’s Office Warns Citizens of Phone Call Scams


The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public to be aware of phone call scams circulating in the community.

According to Washington County Sheriff Joel Cochran, the Sheriff’s Office has received multiple complaints of an individual making phone calls claiming to be a Sheriff’s Deputy.

One call is falsely informing citizens that a detainer has been issued because of a missed audit on a PPE loan.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office does not handle federal matters, such as a PPE loan.

Another phone call is accusing citizens of a missed jury duty appearance, claiming they must pay a fine or face jail time.

The caller ID has allegedly shown multiple phone numbers, but they all begin with “478-346” before the final four digits.

“These are scams. The Sheriff’s Office will never call you about anything like this,” said Sheriff Cochran. “If you did not give them any banking or personal information, you should not be worried. If you did happen to already give out information, please call 911 and inform us of the matter.”

If an individual has doubts about an outstanding balance they are being informed of over the phone, they always have the right to ask for further verification by mail.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office encourages any citizens with questions or additional information to speak with an Investigator by calling 478-552-4795.