Sandersville Main Street Votes to Proceed with Purchasing Welcome Banners

The Sandersville Main Street Board voted to proceed with purchasing welcome banners during a Monday, November 22 called meeting.

The Board considered six different options for welcome banners during their called meeting.

The Main Street Board first selected the image for the banner. Those present unanimously selected the Washington County Courthouse image. The second option for consideration was the color of the banner – options included white, yellow, and different shades of blue. The Board voted to proceed with a lighter shade of blue featuring a navy-blue image of the Courthouse.

The third option considered the wording on the banners. Sandersville’s Economic Development Director Andrew Simpson presented two options: “Welcome to Sandersville,” or “City of Sandersville.” The Board opted for “City of Sandersville” at the bottom of the banner.

Main Street Board member Kari Wilcher recommended using the navy-blue color for the stars on the banner, as well as a navy-blue font to signify the City’s establishment in 1796. The Board agreed, and voted to approve those changes.

It was noted that the welcome banners will utilize the new branding that was completed through the University of Georgia’s Archway program.

With the design approved by the Board, they also voted to proceed with purchasing an estimated eight to 10 banners at approximately $150 each. Economic Development Director Simpson stated that the banners will be printed locally. He noted that the price includes the brackets for the banner installation.

In addition to the banners, the Sandersville Main Street Board also discussed moving forward with becoming a 501c3 organization. Chair of the Main Street Board stated that this designation would benefit Main Street in that it allows them to roll-over funds annually, and it will also help in the grant application process.

Economic Development Director Simpson estimated the cost to be $1,000 to complete the application process.

The Main Street Board voted to proceed with the 501c3 application process.