WCSO Releases Statement on Disposal of Deceased Animals


Washington County Sheriff Joel Cochran recently released a statement to the public on the required measures for the safe and appropriate disposal of deceased animal remains.

“In accordance with Georgia law, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office emphasizes the importance of responsible and lawful disposal of deceased animals,” said Sheriff Cochran. “We urge all residents to adhere to the regulations for the well-being of our community and environment.”

The Sheriff’s Office states that it is strictly prohibited for a person to abandon animals remains on any property without obtaining explicit permission from the landowner.

Additionally, disposing of deceased animals in a city, county, or duly licensed landfill is only permissible with the explicit consent of the landfill manager, and under no circumstances should dead animals be abandoned in wells, open pits, or any surface waters – whether on private or public land.

“Violation of these guidelines may result in legal consequences,” Sheriff Cochran said. “Let’s work together to uphold the standards contributing to a healthier, more harmonious community.”

For further inquiries or concerns regarding the disposal of animal remains, contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 478-552-4795.